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Honest beauty with Superdrug's Studio London

Beauty & Health

1M+ Reach

5M Impressions

12K Follower Increase (New Followers *20% over delivery)

Launching Superdrugs' 'Studio London' on social through an honest TikTok campaign

To launch Studio London on social, and cut through the noisy beauty landscape filled with unattainable beauty standards, we launched a TikTok campaign rooted in honesty.

Working with macros and nano influencers, we created a host of content with honest people, using Studio London’s honest products and sharing honest experiences. We supplemented this with an additional 20 pieces of hygiene content, filmed in-house showcasing the best of the product, taking to the streets to speak to the target market and creating trend led videos for TikTok, resulting in 10K followers in just 6 weeks.

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