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Jungle Media is the home of our portfolio of award-winning social media brands. We have pioneered some of the world's biggest communities; from Twisted on food and drink, to VT on entertainment, Four Nine on female lifestyle, Craft Factory on DIY and family and Lovimals, Level Fitness and Futurology on pets, fitness and tech. With over 147 million (and counting) followers across all major social platforms, our team of creators, content producers and social strategy specialists know how to create content that gets people watching, talking and reacting. Our brands reach millions of people every single day through our video content, websites, podcasts (and even restaurants).

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Our pioneering food & drink brand, Twisted, is on a fun-fuelled mission to connect people through its never-before-seen, tongue-in-cheek approach to food and cooking. The UK’s No.1 food and drink brand on social boasts a 40 million-strong community of food-lovers with an appetite for shared experiences, both online and in the real world. With restaurants across the UK, the Twisted IPA, Twisted: A Cookbook and a bestselling Iceland product range (and a GSOH), Twisted is hungry for its next adventure.

5.6M Monthly UK Reach

65.5M Monthly Global Reach


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Twisted Green is an inclusive, buzzing space for eaters and drinkers from all walks of life and various culinary persuasions. Twisted Green applies Twisted’s credibility and non-judgemental TOV in the Food & Drink space to plant-curious diets to inspire more mindful, ever-tasty consumption moments all year round. Its mission is to take flexi-followers on a journey of plant-based cooking and demonstrate that plant-based doesn’t have to mean compromise.

885K Monthly Reach


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Four Nine Logo

Four Nine is a bold & progressive women’s lifestyle publisher empowering a new generation. From culture to women’s health to fashion & beauty, Four Nine creates & curates refreshing, relevant and relatable content that breaks real ground, establishing a safe space for its community to come together and speak up on the topics that matter. With award-winning campaigns ‘New Year Revolution’ and ‘It’s A Trans World’, Four Nine is the home of passionate conversation, uplifting stories and diverse voices - inspiring a community of over 22 million to embrace who they truly are, and shape their own future. Four Nine's sister brand, Four Nine Looks, makes beauty accessible to all, to help people truly express who they want to be.

18.6M Monthly Global Reach


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VT Logo

VT is our global news and entertainment channel. With a community of over 47 million people, VT has re-defined entertainment for a social age. Our POV is that TV needed flipping on its head and VT was our answer to that - and our huge fanbase has agreed. We work with the most exciting creator talent and our in-house personalities to create the internet's biggest trends, tell the most impactful stories and entertain and inform audiences across the world.

18.4M UK Views (60 days - TikTok)

23.9M Monthly Global Reach


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Our Home and DIY platform exists to inspire the craft-curious to get hands on with life by celebrating the limitless joy of the DIY and crafting world. Craft Factory is the UK’s No.1. Home and DIY brand on social and has built up a community of 24 million who are seeking a destination to fuel their passions. Whether it’s home improvements, hacks to overcome life's little hurdles, boredom busters to do with the family, or quirky cake decorating, ultimately Craft Factory inspire people to get making.

55M Monthly Global Reach


200K Average Views Per Video

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Level Fitness Logo

Level Fitness is an online fitness brand that helps empower those on a mission to become or stay active. The brand supports a network of 5 million people with a shared passion for fitness and has an online group of 70K members who inspire and push each other every day.

43.5M Global Monthly Reach


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Lovimals Logo

Lovimals is one of the fastest growing animal social publishers in the UK. Lovimals celebrates the love and joy our furry friends bring us with a community of over 6 million pet-lovers connecting and sharing stories about the animals in their lives. From adorable and hilarious videos, to emotional adoption stories, Lovimals, like our pets, is the ultimate mood-booster.

63.2M Global Monthly Reach



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