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Don't borrow influence, create it

Jungle Creators is our very own network of global talent; hand-vetted, category-leaders and community drivers. We support creators on social monetisation, audience growth and content excellence. We support brands in unlocking the power of influence and fandom by connecting them with the most effective creators to achieve their brand marketing goals. With an extensive database of rich performance data, we enable our partners to stop borrowing “influence” and start creating and owning influence in tandem with the world’s best talent.

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Work with us - As a brand

Insight-led Influencer Marketing

Through our social agency The Wild, we’re able to support our clients by offering data-driven influencer marketing campaigns, our innate understanding of creators and how they perform means we ensure brands work with the optimal talent to achieve their objectives

Creator and Brand Partnerships

Jungle Creators rich and authentic understanding of talent enables us to connect brands and influencers who create award-winning work together

Creator-led Content Series

We also support brands who wish to part with talent on an ongoing basis to cultivate communities around their own social channels, as well as supporting our client partners on producing talent-led content for campaigns both online and offline.

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Work with us - As a creator

Content Monetisation

Monetise your community - via syndication, content creation, and optimisation on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Audience Growth

Attract new audiences through platform management, rights management, and leveraging the 350 million monthly reach of Jungle's media brands.

Influencer Marketing

We already work with the biggest brands in the world and can cultivate the perfect collaboration between creators and brands who share the same vision.

Our Ecosystem

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