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We’re The Wild, a publisher-powered social and influencer agency born out of Jungle Creations. We saw an opportunity to unlock data & insight from Jungle’s 147M global audiences and bring a decade of our social publisher expertise to brands. With a roster of international clients including Red Bull, PepsiCo and Disney, we drive brands to unlock social, build community, and break into culture - on and beyond social.

Our Principles

Big ideas with cultural currency. Not content pollution.

Social as a core brand experience. Not as an add on.

Turn eyeballs into action. Not vanity metrics.

What do we do

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What Makes Us Different


Jungle’s global communities of 147M+ give us an unparalleled understanding of how to build and nurture audiences, as well as access to what they’re consuming; to see platform and algorithm shifts as they happen plus track trends even before they surface; and transfer all this insight directly to brands.

Jungle iQ

Jungle IQ is our AI-powered next-generation content analytics solution, giving us the ‘why’ behind content performance. By examining every piece of content across the Jungle Creations network, our clients’ channels, and our influencer partners, we provide unparalleled insight to aid decision-making and content optimisation for clients.

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Our Ecosystem

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