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Brew City: Represent A Proper Snack, Gary

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How we hotboxed Leicester and courted Gary Lineker into becoming Brew City’s new Ambassador.

McCain’s Brew City came to us with a challenge: make our snacks as synonymous with beer as popcorn is to the cinema.

To disrupt the familiar snack category we set out to steal Gary Lineker and all the equity he’d built with Walkers - if snacks are moving on, Gary should too.

We began hotboxing Leicester with messaging directed at Gary. Once social and earned had picked up we went national, publicly courting Gary with: ‘Represent a Proper Snack Gary.’

We knew Gary wouldn’t leave Walkers, so to close the campaign we gave the audience a chance to participate, opening up a Chief Snacking Officer job at Brew City. The only catch? Applicants had to be called Gary. And it went viral, Gary himself responded on Twitter and it even featured in BBC’s Have I Got News For You.

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