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The Wild, Jungle Creations’ full-service creative agency, has created the advert ‘Have a Nice Day’ for The World’s Big Sleep Out as part of the charity’s campaign to unite people in a global fight against homelessness in what is thought to be the largest charitable fundraising campaign in a generation.

A social-first version of the ad is being shared online by The World’s Big Sleep Out’s network of celebrity supporters and influential figures, including Will Smith, and the extended version has been published on Jungle Creations’ flagship news and entertainment Facebook channel VT. ‘Have a Nice Day’ will also be shared by notable companies and charitable foundations including UNICEF USA, the Malala Fund, Social Bite and the Institute for Global Homelessness.

Filmed from a first-person POV, the ad depicts an experience of a homeless person, from an encounter with a kind coffee shop worker to people avoiding them in the street and being woken up and moved along by a police officer. The ad compels viewers to consider the plight of the 100 million homeless people across the world, before encouraging them to join The World’s Big Sleep Out.

The World’s Big Sleep Out is hoping to unite 50,000 people around the world through ‘sleep out’ events on Saturday, December 7th with the aim of fundraising $50,000,000 and creating the world’s largest display of solidarity to those experiencing homelessness and displacement. Spearheaded by Josh Littlejohn MBE, co-founder of social enterprise Social Bite, The World’s Big Sleep Out will take place in up to 50 locations around the world.Dylan Davenport, Managing Director of The Wild, said: ‘There are 100 million homeless people across the world. That’s a horrendous stat. And the truth is no one can really imagine what it’s like to be homeless. So we tried to make it as real as possible for viewers: by putting them in the shoes of someone who doesn’t have a home to call their own. Ultimately we want people to do one simple thing – show their solidarity with those experiencing homelessness and turn out in droves on 7th December for The World’s Big Sleep Out.’