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Twisted announces a new frozen food collaboration with Iceland, designed to make eating as fun and social as possible

Twisted, the social media brand with 40 million+ fans, created by social-first publisher Jungle Creations, is again blasting into the real world with a bold food range in collaboration with British retailer Iceland. Iceland and Twisted have joined forces to launch six new and exclusive food products available online at Iceland from 26th March and in-store at Iceland and The Food Warehouse from 27th March.

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Made up of unserious food that tastes seriously good, the new frozen food range has been developed to make food as fun and social as possible. Comprising six unserious recipes that taste seriously good, the new frozen food range upholds Twisted’s mission: To make everyday food as fun and social as possible. The full Twisted range includes: Hunter’s Chicken Waffle Fries (£4.00, 400g), Lasagne Filled Yorkshire Pudding (£4.00, 370g), Chicken Tikka Lasagne topped with Bombay Potatoes (£4.00, 400g), Meat Feast Pasta with BBQ Sauce (£4.00, 450g), 2 XXL Double Cheeseburger Kebabs (£6.00, 480g) and 2 XXL Footlong Pigs in Blankets (£6.00, 600g).

Having grown the largest UK food media brand on social, the Twisted team of chefs and creatives are branching out into the real world with a bold product range stamped with Twisted’s trademark passion for exciting flavour combinations. After engaging in ongoing conversations with their audience, there was clearly a high demand from people to experience Twisted’s chef creations first-hand, without the fuss of cooking from scratch at home.

The product development process was jointly undertaken by Iceland and Tom Jackson (co-creator and creative director) Barbara Desiderato (head of design) and Hugh Woodward (creative culinary lead) from Twisted, who were involved in all stages of the process from ideation of dishes to ingredients and packaging design.

The collaboration marks the first time the British supermarket chain has worked with a digital-first brand and will allow the business to tap into Twisted’s 5 million+ Instagram followers and 40 million+ fans across the world.

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Oliver Gilding, trading manager, exclusive brands at Iceland, says: “Twisted, brings a fresh and unique approach to cooking and we can’t wait to introduce some of their recipes exclusively to Iceland customers. We’re on board with throwing the rule book out the window and getting creative in the kitchen because as Twisted say… ‘unserious food tastes seriously good’. This latest partnership is key to our strategy of developing fun and innovative products that we know our customers will love and we can’t wait for everyone to try them.”

“We have spent months tasting and developing different dishes with the Twisted social team, and have planned everything right down to the last detail from the ingredients used to the presentation and packaging. I am very proud of the range we have developed and I can’t wait for our customers to try the range of delicious tasting products.”

Tom Jackson, Twisted co-creator and creative director, says: “Not only are Iceland an iconic British retailer with an unrivalled approachability – always putting the consumer first – they have a bold, progressive vision and a creative edge that aligns perfectly with Twisted’s values. I can’t imagine a more fitting partner with whom to release our first-ever range of products for retail. We can’t wait to get our exciting, innovative products in the freezers for Iceland shoppers and Twisted fans alike to cop a taste and, most importantly, have lots of fun.”

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