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Currys partners with Jungle Creations to celebrate diversity within the gaming industry

In December 2022, Currys came to us with one goal: establish Currys as the ‘Home of Gaming’.

Our insights showed that whilst the stereotypical view of gamers is that they are ‘young, male and white’, 46% of gamers are female, 29% identify as disabled, and 15% are from minority ethnic groups.

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So we launched a campaign to dethrone gaming stereotypes and show our 16+ audience that gaming is for everyone, and Currys is the place to shop for it. 

Across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter we partnered with major gaming brands Xbox, Nintendo or Intel to create a series where we removed the anonymity of gamers, celebrated the diversity of their gaming experience and, most importantly, dispelled the myth of who a typical gamer is. 

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And it was truly game changing…

We delivered 15.4M impressions, 11.3M views and 76K engagements to 100% of our 16+ target audience - over-delivering by 40%. 

But above all, we encouraged authentic conversations within the gaming community and even caught the attention of the media, resulting in features in Campaign and Marketing Week.

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