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Jungle Creations
Jungle Creations

Jungle Creations is one of the most viewed companies on social media

How have we achieved this?

We’ve grown huge social media communities, which together generate over 5.5 billion video views every single month. To put that figure into perspective; that’s over two thirds of the planet’s population!

Our flagship Facebook page ‘VT’ is officially the UK’s No.1 social brand partner, generating the most video views for brands of any other, and our flagship food page ‘Twisted’ isn’t far behind in 4th place.

Our communities cover a range of topics and interest areas, from news and entertainment to food, fitness, travel and lifestyle, and collectively they have a dedicated audience of over 60 million followers, who engage with our content every day.

We are a rare combination of media owner and creative social marketing agency, which means everything we produce is of the highest quality and fits into our editorial content seamlessly, you won’t even know you’re watching an ad.

Founded by a social generation for a global audience, engagement lies at the heart of everything we do. Our in-house team creates and produces content for some of the world’s biggest brands, which we then distribute to our communities.

Jungle Creations